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Mélanges de la Casa de Velázquez covers a wide range of geographical areas – Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Maghreb – and specialities – history archaeology, literature, geography, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics - from Antiquity to the present day.
The former series (n° 1 to 32) is available on Persée platform.

Latest issue
47-1 | 2017
La ville antique de Baelo, cent ans après Pierre Paris

La ciudad antigua de Baelo, cien años después de Pierre Paris
The ancient city of Baelo, a hundred years after Pierre Paris
Edited by Laurent Brassous and Séverine Lemaître

Since the first excavations carried out in 1917 by Pierre Paris, first director of Casa de Velázquez, the town of Baelo has become one of the best-known ancient sites in the Mediterranean west. This is the outcome of a long history of work and publication that has gone on practically without interruption for a century. The dossier compiled here presents the results of ongoing research by various French and Spanish specialists working on the Roman town of Baelo Claudia and the pre-Roman oppidum of Silla del Papa. Their discoveries draw on the major methodological and technological advances that archaeology has seen in the intervening decades, thus bringing the history of thousands of years of settlement in the Straits of Gibraltar more up to date.

Editor's notes

Ce fascicule est un numéro spécial paru à l'occasion de la célébration du centenaire des fouilles à Baelo Claudia. Il comporte donc un avant-propos, un prologue, un historique des fouilles et une bibliographie récapitulative des études publiées sur le site. La version imprimée comporte une jaquette en couleur.

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